WATCH: A New Pirate Shield Uses Water To Defeat The Enemy

While many think that piracy was part of Captain Jack Sparrow’s reign on the high seas, there are most definitely still pirates in existence that will do whatever they can to board and commandeer a vulnerable craft.

But it seems one company has found a solution.

According to Gizmodo, a new water-based security system by MTI and Yokoi will use a water shield and hoses to deter and hopefully sink pirates before they can board a ship.

Designed to work with the fire pumps on both large and small ships, the first step is the shield. It pumps water down the side of the ship so it can fill a boat with water at a rate of one centimeter per minute. That is certainly enough to quickly fill the tiny boats modern pirates use.

The second aspect is a set of wild, swinging hoses that are weighted at the end. Like any uncontrolled fire hose, these swing wildly and unpredictably. They should also be enough to deter the pirates from boarding the vessel.

If it all works properly, the pirates will be left in the water without a capsized boat and a nasty bump on the head.

Check it out in action below (YouTube via Gizmodo):

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