Watch A Girl In China Get Swallowed Up By A 20-Foot Sinkhole

A GIRL WHO WAS suddenly swallowed by a sinkhole as she walked along a street in Xi’an, China was rescued after a passing taxi driver stopped his car and ran over to help.

CCTV footage captured the girl’s disappearance, followed by the driver’s efforts to find her. Wang Wei later explained to reporters that when he looked into the hole in the ground and was unable to find her, he climbed in himself to search for her:

(Video uploaded by telegraphtv)

Sinkholes can be caused by underground erosion of rock or minerals by water. The dissolution of the rock allows space or craters to develop beneath the surface and destabilises the ground above, causing sudden land collapses.

Early this year, a young boy died in Russia after falling through a sinkhole. His mother managed to cling to the pavement and was pulled out of the hole by her husband.

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