Watch This Behind-The-Scenes Video With Camilla Luddington, The Newest 'Lara Croft'

Meet Camilla Kuddington.

Photo: Getty Images / Frazer Harrison

She played the Duchess of Cambridge in the “Lifetime” movie “William & Kate” and later Lizzie in the fifth season of “Californiacation,” now British actress Camilla Luddington is venturing into new territory: video games.Luddington is the latest actress to play British adventurer Lara Croft in “Tomb Raider.”

Developer Crystal Dynamics has reimagined and revamped the game, injecting the story with new life.

Karl Stewart, brand director at Crystal Dynamics, revealed that “it was definitely one of the most challenging projects we’ve ever taken on” because the franchise has such a huge following.”

In discussing their reinvention of the much loved series, Stewart likened their project to “redoing the Batman series or James Bond franchise.”

After a slight delay, the game is now set to be released March 5, 2013.

Check out what the actress has to say about becoming Lara Croft in the video below.

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