This guy completely destroyed a $10,000 gold Apple Watch by placing it between two really powerful magnets

When the Apple Watch initially launched a few months ago, some video bloggers performed stress tests to see just how much damage the watch can handle. This included trying to scratch the watch’s screen with various materials such as sandpaper and dropping the watch on the ground.

But now, one YouTuber has posted what may be the most bizarre durability test yet. YouTube channel TechRax’s latest Apple Watch video involves placing a $US10,000 18-karat yellow gold Apple Watch Edition between two powerful magnets. When the magnets collide, it equals 650 pounds of pressure.

Spoiler alert: the watch got completely crushed.

Here’s what the collision looked like from above:

And here’s a closer look:

This is what the watch looked like after the test. The screen shattered and became separated from the watch’s body.

The back of the watch remained fairly intact. It’s cracked, but hasn’t completely fallen apart like the watch’s screen.

Some of the watch’s internals were still functional, too, since the watch was still able to charge after withstanding damage.

This isn’t the first time TechRax has destroyed an Apple Watch. The channel also posted a video showing what happens when you drop the Apple Watch Sport on cement.

Check out the full video below.

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