Watch 25 Entrepreneurs Try To Launch 6 Startups From A Bus In Just 48 Hours

25 San Fransisco entrepreneurs were picked to get on a bus, drive to Austin, and conceive and launch 6 tech startups, all in 48 hours, in time for a launch party at South by Southwest.

No, that’s not a reality show pitch. And no, we didn’t just make it up.

This is a real life contest currently underway, called the Startup Bus. The startups will be judged by “a panel of mentors from Austin-based incubator The Capital Factory and Australian headquartered eStrategyGroup”, and the winning idea’s team will be mentored by angel investor Naval Ravikant.

This is obviously much more of a gimmick than a sensible way to go about founding a company, but as gimmicks go, this one has a lot of charm.

The Startup Bus launch party is in just 11 hours. If you want to watch the creation process live, we’ve embedded their live stream below. (They are broadcasting intermittently, and just went on hiatus moments ago. Check back in to watch them in action):

Live streaming video by Ustream

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