Wasserstein Doesn't Want BusinessWeek Anymore


Bruce Wasserstein has dropped out of the bidding for BusinessWeek, says Jon Fine.

He was thought to be at the front of the pack before Bloomberg entered the picture. BusinessWeek staffers were excited about the prospects of working for Wasserstein who also owns New York Magazine and The Deal.

Maybe Wasserstein is taking blog mogul Rafat Ali’s advice, who tweeted in July, “BTW, Wasserstein still has a lot of shit to fix with his Penton and TheDeal holdings…may want to tackle those first before BW.”

Working for Bloomberg, while it has its advantages, is a bit of a question mark. How many employees do they cut? How many do they keep? And, will they let BusinessWeek tech reporter Steve Baker use social media? He’s doubtful.

Anyway, Bloomberg isn’t the only the bidder left. ZelnickMedia, OpenGate Capital, Platinum Equity, Warburg Pincus and Inc. and Fast Company owner Joe Mansueto, are all preliminary bidders says Fine.

UPDATE: Warburg is out, says Mr. Ali.

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