Washington Redskins GM is suddenly no longer helping make the team's decisions as 'dysfunction abounds'

A strange situation has unfolded over the past two weeks between the Washington Redskins and GM Scot McCloughan, according to reports.

Last week, McCloughan was not attending the NFL Draft combine.

McCloughan was reportedly home to attend to a family matter, said to have been the passing of his grandmother. Some eyebrows were raised, however, when it was discovered she had passed away weeks earlier.

Adding to the confusion, former tight end Chris Cooley, who has a radio show on ESPN 980, which is owned by Washington owner Daniel Snyder, wondered if McCloughan was having problems with alcohol, as he has apparently had in the past.

Now, with NFL free agency heating up, ESPN’s John Keim reports that McCloughan is still not with the team or helping to make decisions. According to Keim, McCloughan’s agent is expected to meet with the front office to discuss McCloughan’s future.

Keim reports that McCloughan has not been involved with free agency decisions nor the decision to extend head coach Jay Gruden’s contract for two years.

Just days after a source told MMQB’s Albert Breer that Washington has had “a bunch of strange s—” going on this offseason, CBS’ Jason La Canfora writes “dysfunction abounds” within the organisation.

According to La Canfora, it’s unclear if McCloughan is struggling with alcohol, but he is not in rehab nor has he been in rehab in recent days. La Canfora, however, admonished the team for letting Cooley’s comments hang without clarification.

La Canfora reports that Washington may already have replacement GMs in mind, but that McCloughan may stick with the team until after the draft. Some sources told La Canfora the situation is similar to 2009, when the front office tried to push then-head coach Jim Zorn out the door with a series of moves.

Either way, it’s hardly a positive sign that the team is uniformly considered to be in turmoil with the offseason just getting underway. It seems there will likely be clarification on McCloughan’s future some time soon, but in the meantime, the situation looks like it’s getting uglier.

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