Washington Post Launches Its Politico Killer: PostPolitics.com

washington post

The Washington Post launched its new politics website today, PostPolitics.com.

Chris Cillizza, who writes The Post’s political blog, The Fix, has been named managing editor of the site, and a slew of the paper’s writers and columnists will be contributing.

PostPolitics.com has been in the works for a couple of years. The Post wants to get a piece of the massive buzz that sites like Politico, one of its biggest competitors, are able to command. (Politico was founded in 2006 by Post defectors John Harris and Jim VandeHei.)

At face value, PostPolitics.com is just a revamped landing page for the paper’s politics vertical with a new unique URL. And most of the content so far is an aggregation of The Post’s existing political coverage.

There are some new interactive features, like an election map, and others, like video chats, a blog network and a Fix podcast, are planned.

But will it be a Politico killer? Not unless it can break some serious scoops and “own the morning.”

We’ll be watching the traffic, and ads.

You can compare the overall traffic for politico.com and washingtonpost.com (which includes their coverage across all topics including politics) in the chart below, from Compete.com:

washington post

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