The One Image That Shows The Incredible Scope Of The Washington Mudslide That's Left 14 Dead And 176 Missing

A massive landslide swept through a small Washington state county on Saturday, leaving the area devastated and leading authorities to begin an extensive search for people who are missing.

Snohomish County Department of Emergency Management Director John Pennington said Monday night that 14 people were dead and put the number of missing or unaccounted for at 176.

Snohomish County officials have said the area of the slide covered roughly 1 square mile. It is as deep as 15 feet in some places. An aerial shot from the Associated Press provides a glimpse into what the area now looks like:

The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Department posted a map of the affected area, which gives another idea of its scope:

As of Monday afternoon, officials said they were still concerned about the potential for additional slide activity at the site. Some ground crews were pulled from the area, and geologists were surveying the area to determine the risk.

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