Was Your Bonus Above Or Below $128,530 This Year?


The average bonus on Wall Street was $128,530 for 2010.

So if you’re celebrating getting paid better than the masses right now, congratulations!

But we have some bad news too. Even those who beat the average have a reason to be upset, because according to Thomas DiNapoli, the New York State Comptroller, because the average bonus in 2009 was $140,730, a fall of about 8%. 

Here’s what DiNapoli had to say about Wall Street bonuses:

“Cash bonuses are down, but that’s not an indicator of a weakness on Wall Street.”

“Wall Street is changing its compensation practices in response to regulatory reforms adopted in the aftermath of the greatest financial meltdown since the Great Depression. Past practices rewarded short-term gains at the expense of long-term profitability.”

Now if you got any bonus at all, we recommend you spend some of it eating out for lunch, because Wall Street cafeterias have some pretty nasty health code violations. Click here to see which banks have cockroaches, mice, and dirty people serving their food >

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