REPORT: Denver Shooter Had 'Hair Painted Red' And Said He Was 'The Joker'

UPDATE: The Denver shooting suspect may have been impersonating the Joker.

NYPD Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly says the suspect had hair painted red and claimed to be The Joker, according to CBS’s Tony Aiello. Kelley is close friends with Aurora Chief Dan Oates.

This confirms fears that the shooting was tied to the Dark Knight Rises premiere. Previously there was speculation that suspect James Holmes was impersonating Bane, a different Batman villain.

The shooting also bears a shocking similarity to a 1986 Batman comic by Frank Miller.


Here’s a picture of the suspect, and pictures of both Batman villains.

James HOlmesJames Holmes

Photo: Denver Channel

jokerThe Joker

Photo: annabellaphoto on flickr

batman baneBane

Photo: Warner Brothers

PREVIOUSLY: The shooter in the Denver theatre massacre was reportedly wearing a riot helmet, goggles, gas mask and bullet-proof vest. He was armed with canisters of tear gas and a semi-automatic rifle and a pistol and a knife, and he the scariest part was that “he didn’t say a word,” according to 9 News.

While nothing has been established, we and reporters on the Today Show are asking whether the shooting was tied to the movie Dark Knight Rises and its villain Bane.

Bane wears a gas mask in the movie. He also uses explosive devices.

Shooter James Holmes began shooting during a shootout on screen. Witness Alex Milano says he mistook the attack for part of the movie or a related stunt, until he heard people moaning, according to 9 News.

Adding to the confusion, many people wore costumes to the premiere.

Witness Jennifer Seeger said he was not in a movie costumer on the Today Show: “He had an actual working gas mask. If you’ve ever seen a SWAT movie or military movie, he was literally dressed in camo… he looked like a cop.”

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