An Old Internet Comment Appears To Show Edward Snowden Was Angry About The NSA In 2006

Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower who has been at the centre of a surveillance scandal, was revealed to have been using the online “The True HOOHA” when he worked for an anime company called Ryuhana Press, according to a new Reuters report.

What happens when you search the internet for that name? Thanks to Twitter user @Nelikli, we were pointed to a profile on the Ars Technica forums that sure seems like it is Snowden.

This user, TheTrueHOOHA, posted about the NSA in 2006:

Ars Technica screengrabIn 2003 he started a thread asking for a help about how to hide his IP address online. When a fellow Ars Technica user asked why, he responded by talking about the Patriot Act:

Ars Technica screengrabCan we be sure that “TheTrueHOOHA” is Snowden? Probably. Here he is mentioning his old workplace:

Ars Technica screengrabIn another email he gave his email address, which was the same email address Snowden used at Ryuhana Press:

Ars Technica screengrab

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