Was Anderson Cooper's Off-The-Cuff Coming Out Actually Planned For Months?

Anderson CooperSources say Cooper’s email was actuall carefully crafted for months before being published on The Daily Beast.

Earlier this month, Anderson Cooper came out of the closet by proclaiming “The fact is, I’m gay” (followed by an eloquent 11-paragraph explanation) in what The Daily Beast said was an unplanned email response from Cooper to his friend and Beast writer, Andrew Sullivan.But The Huffington Post’s Rob Shuter is reporting that actually “months of conversations went into planning how, where and when the TV anchor would come out.”

“They wanted this to seem like it was a spur of moment decision where he said he ultimately decided to come out because he was doing more harm than good,” a source told Shuter aka Naughty But Nice Rob. “That might be true, but before he came out he had a long discussion with his team making sure he wasn’t committing career suicide.”

And the timing was perfect too, as Cooper was on assignment in Botswana when the email was published on July 2, where he could easily avoid any follow up questions from the press.

Not to mention Cooper has his new daytime talk show “Anderson” to promote—on which many had previously speculated Cooper would use as a platform for his coming out.

While Cooper’s new powerful PR firm, Rubenstein, declined to comment, one anonymous TV exec pondered on The Huffington Post:

“What will be interesting is how it will affect the content of his daytime talk show that returns September 10th. Will he follow the path of Ellen [Degeneres], where her sexuality is known but not a major topic of conversation, or will Anderson want to change the conversation and make this an important part of his show?”

With new reports that Cooper is set to wed his longtime boyfriend this summer, we think it could be hard to avoid.

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