Which NBC Executive Was Kept In The Dark About The Jay Leno-David Letterman Super Bowl Commercial?

jay leno

Jay Leno signed off during one of his final 10 p.m. shows last night. 

Good riddance! Jay is set to return to his old Tonight Show throne on Monday, March 1. By September, he may have to go head-to-head with Conan, the host he helped kick out of NBC, on Fox.

Jay explained how the secret Super Bowl commercial with David Letterman and Oprah Winfrey came together.

“No matter what animosity there is between comedians, a good joke is a good joke,” he said. “It makes it all go away.”

Well, not quite.

Apparently, one NBC executive wasn’t aware of the skit and seemed confused about whether Jay had participated, according to Jay. But who can trust the guy to give a straight story…

Watch below:

Jay also joked about the reunion with his rival Letterman duirng his monologue. “He found me on Facebook,” he said. “He made a friend request. I accepted, and we hooked up and watched the game.”

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