This Incredible List Of Golf Rules From WWII England Tells You What To Do If You Get Attacked By Nazis While Playing

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Photo: Library of Congress via Flickr

Richmond Golf Club in Surrey, England didn’t let a few Nazi bombs ruin the fun for players during the Battle of Britain in 1940.Instead of suspending play, the club drew up a list of seven rules the keep players in check during and after enemy attacks.

Lists of Note dug it up, and Big Lead Sports brought it to our attention this morning.

Here’s the list:

  1. Players are asked to collect Bomb and Shrapnel splinters to save these causing damage to the mowing machines.
  2. In competitions, during gunfire, or while bombs are falling, players may take cover without penalty for ceasing play.
  3. The positions of known delayed-action bombs are marked by red flags placed at reasonably, but not guaranteed safe distance therefrom.
  4. Shrapnel/and/or bomb splinters on the Fairways, or in Bunkers within a club’s length of a ball may be moved without penalty, and no penalty shall be incurred if a ball is thereby caused to move accidentally.
  5. A ball moved by enemy action may be replaced, or if lost or destroyed, a ball may be dropped not nearer the hole without penalty.
  6. A ball lying in a crater may be lifted and dropped not nearer the hole, preserving the line to the hole without penalty.
  7. A player whose stroke is affected by the simultaneous explosion of a bomb may play another ball from the same place. Penalty, one stroke.

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