2 Warriors teammates reportedly had much different reactions to Kevin Durant's recent Twitter fiasco

When news broke that Kevin Durant was using secret Twitter accounts to defend himself from strangers on the internet, many didn’t know how to react. Some though the act childish, others simply thought it was funny, and others still questioned why Durant is still worried about anonymous internet haters when he has an NBA title and Finals MVP to his name.

Durant’s teammates, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, both had drastically different reactions to the minor controversy when asked about it recently. Thompson, a cool, calm, and collected shooter whose tour of China this Summer set NBA Twitter ablaze for a bit, was nonplussed by the news, according to Warriors beat writer Connor Letourneau of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Thompson is right, it is just the internet, but that doesn’t mean those who are ready to have a bit of a chuckle at KD’s expense can’t take advantage of this prime example. Just ask Durant’s other teammate, Draymond Green.

While speaking with reporters, Green was quick to smile after being asked about the Twitter debacle, before volunteering that he texted with Durant the day of, and “The next day I saw him in person and laughed in his face.”

Green had his own run in with a social media post gone awry, after a NSFW picture made its way public while playing with Team USA. As Green noted, this was his chance at a bit of innocent revenge.

It’s pretty funny to me. I reminded him of my mishap at USA basketball. The day my mishap happened, I was stressed out and I remember them laughing at my face, from him to DeMarcus [Cousins] was probably the worst. And the beat goes on. They laughed in my face, so it was a little payback.

You can watch Green’s comments on the incident below.

The Warriors at home October 17 against the Houston Rockets.

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