Warriors fans will reportedly have to pay more than $15,000 for the rights to buy season tickets at new arena

When the Warriors move into their new stadium in 2019, fans will also be getting a new set of rules and charges regarding ticket sales.

According to an ESPN report, Bay Area residents that wish to buy season tickets for the Warriors 2019-2020 season will have to also purchase a personal seat licence, essentially paying for the right to buy season tickets year after year. It’s a practice that is common in the NFL, but fairly rare in the NBA.

The exact prices of the licenses are not yet known, but ESPN says team officials confirmed that roughly 12,000 seats of the new Chase Center in San Francisco would be dedicated to season ticket holders, and that of those seats, about half would come with a per-seat cost of over $US15,000.

The money fans spend on personal seat licenses will be paid back by the team in 30 years, allowing the cash to serve as a sort of zero-interest loan for the team. This fact is specifically important in the Warriors current situation, as the new San Francisco stadium is being built with private money as opposed to taxpayer dollars. Fans will be able to transfer their licenses to other parties, but unlike their NFL counterparts, they will not be able to sell them for a profit.

The Warriors were already the most expensive ticket in basketball, but when the team moves into their brand new stadiums, fans will have to put down even more money up front.

Best to start your saving now.

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