The Warriors showed their simple advantage over the rest of the NBA in a stunning, 90-second comeback win

  • The Golden State Warriors went on a 10-0 run in the final 90 seconds to beat the Toronto Raptors, 117-112, on Wednesday.
  • The Warriors went cold in the fourth quarter, but showed that at any point, they can erupt and crush a team.
  • Simple though it may be, the Warriors’ talent disparity is so great that it takes a nearly perfect, 48-minute effort to beat them.

The Golden State Warriors pulled off a wild comeback in the final 90 seconds to beat the Toronto Raptors, 117-112, on Wednesday night.

In doing so, the Warriors showed the simple advantage they have over the rest of the NBA — an insurmountable talent gap.

It may sound obvious that a team with Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green is more talented than its foes, but the talent gap manifests itself in different ways.

Against the Raptors on Wednesday, the Warriors went cold in the fourth quarter, scoring just six points over the course of nearly five minutes. The Raptors had them against the ropes, leading 112-107 with 1:30 remaining, when suddenly, something clicked for the Warriors.

Over the final 90 seconds, the Warriors scored ten straight points, hitting a variety of difficult shots that many other teams couldn’t, all while locking up the Raptors on the defensive end of the court.

It wasn’t just that the Warriors made the shots, it’s that, in crunch-time, they have so much talent that at any given moment, they can explode in surreal runs that devastate the other team.

It began with a driving layup from Curry.

Followed by a pull-up three-pointer by Durant:

And a three from Curry to give the Warriors the lead.

The Warriors’ roster of versatile, long-limbed defenders also made it possible. Green switched onto Kyle Lowry on a late, pivotal possession, forced him left, and Thompson recovered for a huge block.

The Warriors are so deep and talented that it takes a full 48-minute effort to shut them down. If an opponent’s effort wanes, even for a second, the Warriors can shake off half-a-quarter’s worth of lethargy and pounce.

And though it sounds like a cliché, the Warriors’ comeback is also a product of their experience. They have been in tight situations before and turned it around on much bigger stages. Durant’s pull-up three, for instance, was almost a mirror shot of the clutch three-pointer he hit over LeBron James in Game 3 of the 2017 Finals. The Warriors know how to pull off comebacks.

The Warriors, at 3-2, haven’t blown anyone away yet this season, but Wednesday was a reminder that no team is more potent than when the Warriors put forth the effort.

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