ELIZABETH WARREN: Romney Wrote Off Half Of Americans As 'Deadbeats'

elizabeth warren

Photo: AP

Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren weighed in on Mitt Romney’s “47 per cent” remarks Tuesday, offering harsh criticism of the Republican presidential candidate.Mitt Romney just wrote off half the people in Massachusetts and half the people in America as deadbeats,” Warren said in a statement. “Mitt Romney doesn’t understand that millions of people are working their hearts out, and paying plenty in taxes. He just doesn’t know what people’s lives are really like.”

“There’s a clear choice in the 2012 election and Mitt Romney just made it clearer,” she said. “It’s between those who say ‘I’ve got mine and the rest of you are on your own,’ and those who say ‘We’re all in this together.'”

A fierce opponent of Wall Street, Warren is a veteran of the class warfare battle. In many ways, the firestorm surrounding the Romney fundraising video parallels a dustup Warren faced earlier this cycle, when comments she made about taxes and the wealthy went viral, unleashing a torrent of accusations that Warren is in favour of wealth redistribution. 

Since then, Warren has emerged as one of the left’s most outspoken populist critics of conservative economic policies. Recent polls show she is leading her race against Massachusetts’ Republican Senator Scott Brown by as many as six points.

Brown also disavowed Romney’s “47 per cent” statement Tuesday, issuing a statement that distanced himself from his party’s presidential nominee. 

But Warren wouldn’t let him off the hook so easily: 

“Scott Brown is strongly supporting Mitt Romney for president of the United States,” she said in her statement. “I’m strongly supporting Barack Obama.”

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