This Is The Story Of Our Journey To Get The First-Ever Photograph Of Warren Buffett Heir Todd Combs

It’s 99% impossible to get a photo of Todd Combs, Warren Buffett’s heir apparent.

Four days ago, Buffett announced he had hired Combs to run a significant portion of Berkshire Hathaway’s portfolio, and we’ve been waiting ever since to get a photo of him.

Obviously Combs, who was previously unknown, is publicity shy. But as the “new Buffett,” and one of the top guys at a public company, sorry if we don’t sympathize.

Combs is at the head of a multi-billion dollar company. Shareholders deserve to see who’s running their money.

So, desperately curious, we hopped on Metro North and traveled to Darien, CT, where Combs lives.

We did a stake out, first at his house, and then at his office.

Here’s what happened.

Spoiler: We didn’t get a pic.

It was a short drive to Combs' house. I was only about 3 miles away.

The Combs family lives in a neighbourhood that has a real family feel to it. They're just minutes away from the Darien YMCA.

7:00 AM : I spot Combs' house.

For a guy who manages $400 million AUM, it's modest. (One car garage).

Good God! His neighbours have freaky Halloween decorations.

Unfortunately, Combs' decorations aren't much better.

But we're pretty sure those were just ghosts hand-made by a young child. Maybe the same one that made this unidentifiable sidewalk art.

7:45 AM : Still no sighting of Combs, although we can see that there is a car still parked in the garage.

Did you notice his American flag? So Warren Buffett of him.

8:00 AM : Two women, one with a baby, appear on the lawn and we leave. Now it's off to Combs' office!

8:20 AM : Hopefully we'll have better luck meeting Combs at his office in Greenwich.

That means NO PICTURE of Combs. Now get to know his boss...

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