Warren Buffett says Elon Musk has ‘room for improvement’

  • Warren Buffett is urging Elon Musk to use more restraint in his role as Tesla CEO.
  • In a Yahoo Finance interview airing Friday, Buffett said Musk has ‘room for improvement’
  • Musk has been locked in a months-long battle with federal regulators that’s expected to come to an end by April 18.

Warren Buffett has some blunt advice for Tesla CEO Elon Musk: stop tweeting.

In an interview with Yahoo Finance airing Friday and reported on by Bloomberg, the Oracle of Omaha said he doesn’t understand why his fellow billionaire executive feels the need to use twitter so prolifically.

“He’s a remarkable guy. I just don’t see the necessity to communicate,” Buffett said, according to Bloomberg, adding that Musk has “room for improvement.”

Musk’s Twitter habits landed him in federal court earlier in April when his lawyers defended the CEO against allegations from the Securities and Exchange Commission that he should be held in contempt of court for violating a prior agreement with the regulatory agency. That fight stems back to Musk’s ill-fated bid to take Tesla private last September.

Musk and the SEC were ordered to put on their “reasonableness pants” and meet for at least one hour before returning to the judge by April 18 with a new agreement about how to oversee the executive’s Twitter habits.

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