Warren Buffett On Why He Would Never Live In New York City

warren buffett

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The third richest man in the world thinks New York City is too expensive.Here are the notes on comments he made to MBA students a few weeks ago via Market Folly:

I decided to live in Omaha because I like the city, the community and it’s where I call home. It’s all about what you really want to do. Living in Manhattan is expensive and you need to be rich. There is a lack of sense of community and life style, thus lack of the enjoyment of life.

You may need to do 50 things a day in New York, but I’d rather to do some reading in my office and do 1 to 2 things a day and do them well.

I didn’t have a real plan when I returned to Omaha, there was no master-plan when I left New York.

It is very important to find a balance between life and work as well. Follow your heart and do something you love.

Buffett also told the MBA students that getting rich is easy.

The legendary investor still lives in the home he bought for $31,500 over 50 years ago, making him one of the ultimate frugal billionaires.

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