Warren Buffett's Headed To China -- Will He Dump Shares Of His favourite Car Maker?

Warren Buffett is headed to China for a trip that will be heavily covered on CNBC.

One question that’s coming up: What is the fate of Buffett’s investment in Chinese car company BYD?

This odd Reuters report is creating some buzz, as it quotes an analyst who thinks Buffett will soon be dumping some shares.

Chinese news service Caijing follows up, and quotes a BYD official who calls the rumour nonsense.

Buffett originally invested $230 million for 10% of the company, and that stake is now worth $1.6 billion, though it had been worth $2.5 billion before a series of mis-steps and slowing sales.

As you can see, the stock has come off well off its highs for the year.


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