Warren Buffett Is Up On His Goldman Sachs Investment

Wily old Warren Buffett is looking smarter on his financial bets, as bank stocks continue to rebound.

CNBC notes that along with Buffett’s preferred-share investment in Goldman Sachs (GS) came warrants to buy 43 million shares of the bank at $115 per share. It’s not quite there yet The warrants aren’t in the money yet– the stock is at around $114 — but they’re worth more than what he got them for.

And with the preferred shares paying 10% per year, this deal is starting to look like a nice one, even if Buffett did get in “early.”

On the other hand, his GE bet is still a ways away from proving to be a winner, as his warrants there are priced at $22.25, more than double where GE currently trades.

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