Warren Buffett Discusses The Stock Market's Predictive Power In This Rare Video From 1962

Warren Buffett will tell you that his investment career began in the 1940s when he bought shares in a company as an 11-year.

However, there isn’t much footage of the Oracle of Omaha available before the 1980s.

Reformed Broker Josh Brown points us to this rare 1962 interview with Buffett on ValueWalk.com.

In this brief clip, Buffett discusses the predictive power of the stock market.

“The stock market has been a good forecaster from time to time in the past,” he said.  It also has been a rather poor forecaster occasionally. 

“For example, the last four or five years, the stock market has been booming along presumably forecasting better business which has really not materialised.”

That was in 1962.

Watch the whole clip here:

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