WARNING: Watch Out For The Guy With The Bad Haircut When Christmas Shopping


Online things aren’t always what they seem.

So keep an eye for this man with the suit, glasses and bad haircut.

He’s got a few tips for Christmas shopping online.

One key thing to remember is that consumer rights are the same online as they are in a bricks and mortar store.

This includes the right to repairs, replacements or refunds.

But if you’re dealing with a web store in another country, trying to enforce your rights will be more than difficult.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, normally a serious institution, has produced an off-the-wall video clip to explain what to watch out for online.

Here’s one tip:

Keep your personal details private and secure. Only pay via secure payment methods such as a credit card or similar secure method. When you go to make a purchase, does the web address start with ‘https’ and can you see a closed padlock symbol? If the only way to pay for something is via a money order or wire transfer, think twice as there is chance that you are being scammed.

For more, watch this:

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