WARNING: This Is The Worst Grilled Steak In America

bad gross disgusting steakNot Ruby Tuesday’s but definitely not our preferred cut.

Photo: flickr: sun dazed

We’ve told you how horrible steaks are dressed up to look delicious, but we didn’t disclose any offenders.This could be because we live in New York City, one of the two places where it’s said you can get a great steak.

We still had to know though, so we searched around to see if someone we trusted could tell us — Where should we never, ever eat a steak in America?

And we found someone.

According to Men’s Health, it would be complete sacrilege if you had a grilled steak at restaurant chain Ruby Tuesday.

Here’s what they had to say about it:

When it comes to a grilled steak, the cut of meat is everything. Opt for a sirloin, flank, or skirt steak and you’re looking at a piece of beef that is predominantly protein, buffered by just enough fat to keep things interesting. On the flip side of the coin, rib eyes come from the most heavily marbled part of the cow, which means that along with rivers of fat, you also get a steak dense with calories. We’re not sure where Ruby Tuesday gets its beef from, but its rib eye easily qualifies as the worst steak in the business

As the Rolling Stones sang, ‘Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday.’

For suggestions on where you can go to avoid this calamity, click here>

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