Warner Wants $160-170 Million Opening For "The Dark Knight"

We scoffed at reports last week that Warner Bros. was only predicting a $90-100 million opening weekend for The Dark Knight. In fact, they’re hoping for nearly twice that much:

Deadline Hollywood Daily: Though they won’t dare discuss this in public, I’m told that Warner Bros bigwigs are hoping for between $160 million and $170 million for Batman: The Dark Knight as 3-day weekend total gross from a record 4,366 North American theatres. That’s a huge increase from the $130 million that the studio bosses were expecting earlier in the week. But the ticket sales frenzy, from coast to coast, city to city, town to town, with almost 24/7 performances even in the hinterlands, and all those IMAX sell-outs, has them all revved up.

Warner Bros toppers have their sights set on taking down every record, too. They especially want to better Sony’s Spider-Man 3, which scored the best 3-day weekend opening of $151.1 million over May 4-6 last year. And to beat the best-ever 3-day non-holiday weekend box office overall, this Batman instalment has to better $218.4 million in total domestic grosses set on July 7-9, 2006, when Disney’s Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest opened with $131.5 million.

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