UPDATE: Warner Bros Is Pulling Some 'Dark Knight' Ads From TV

the dark knight batsuit

Photo: Warner Bros.

UPDATE: Warner Brothers will pull two television ads for “The Dark Knight Rises” due to today’s shooting in Aurora, Colorado, Bloomberg reports. Bloomberg got the information from “two people with knowledge of the matter” who wish to remain nameless since the information hasn’t been made public.EARLIER: The shooting of 12 people at a late-night premiere of “The Dark Knight Rises” in Aurora, Colo., has put studio Warner Bros in a bind: What to do with its explosion-filled movie trailers that are scheduled to run in cable and local TV news shows?

TV news shows and channels have been dominated all morning by reports of John Holmes’ alleged actions last night, and those reports have been immediately followed by trailers for the movie at which the massacre occurred.

Warner cancelled its Paris premiere and put out a statement of sympathy for the victims. But the commercials are still all over the cable and broadcast universe. Warner spends $800 million a year advertising its various movies.

Susan Fleishman, executive vice-president of corporate communications and public affairs for Warner, told us “I don’t have any information” on whether Warner is going to pull its ad schedule, at least from news shows. “The situation is very fluid,” she said, and declined to comment beyond that.

Looks like there will be some hectic meetings for Warner’s media buyers today.


  • ‘Dark Knight’ Paris Premiere Cancelled, Warner Bros Issues Statement On Shooting

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