Warner Bros. Sent UNH A 'Cease And Desist' Order About A Popular 'Harry Potter' Literature Course

A summer course at the University of New Hampshire that uses the Harry Potter series to teach young students grammar and reading skills has
prompted a cease and desist order from Warner Brothers, local CNN station WMUR reports.

While educational use of copyrighted works is legally allowed, Warner Brothers “doesn’t want people to think it sponsored the class,” according to WMUR. In the past, the course has been titled “Harry Potter as Storytelling” and is targeted at students from fourth to eighth grade.

One UNH student told WMUR that English professor James Krasner is “putting on a nice summer program for kids, and he’s making it more fun by using Harry Potter … Everyone loves Harry Potter, especially myself and a lot of other kids at UNH.”

WMUR reports that UNH will continue to offer the class, but will not include explicit references to the Harry Potter series in course materials.

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