YouTube Gets Smart, And $750k

Hollywood still hasn’t completely figured out how or if it wants to put its stuff on YouTube. But in the meantime, it’s happy to advertise there.

Time Warner’s (TWX) Warner Bros film unit plans to spend $750,000 promoting the June release of “Get Smart” on YouTube (GOOG), a source familiar with the plans tell us. Warner Bros. will place video ads on the same pages as YouTube comedy clips, the source said. The buy is part of a larger online ad push for the movie.

That’s a tiny buy for Google, but a big chunk of money for YouTube — a little less than 1% of the estimated $90 million it will generate this year. The Get Smart campaign doesn’t seem to be up and running yet, but you can see plenty of trailers for the movie. Even better, you can still see some classic clips from the original series.

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