WAR! New York Startups Poaching West Coast Engineers

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As startups multiply and venture funding gushes through the city, the war for talent in New York is getting red hot. Wired.com has a good post on the talent war.Startups are finding it harder and harder to hire great engineers, as well as great marketers and product managers. They’re competing fiercely with each other as well as, as always, big tech companies and big banks, for great tech talent. Even red hot companies like Foursquare can’t get enough engineers and are having to open offices in San Francisco to recruit more talent (Facebook poached a Foursquare engineer earlier this year).

But here’s where it gets interesting: the post includes an interview Dave Carvajal of startup-focused headhunting firm Dave Partners, who says he’s going to take the fight to Silicon Valley and poach engineers for New York startups there. He’s particularly targeting young people who grew up and/or went to school on the East Coast and reluctantly went West to find jobs at great startups, which New York has in spades.

Oh yes. It’s on.

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