This Horse Might Ruin The Holidays For Steven Spielberg This Year (VIDEO)

war horse

Steven Spielberg is having a great summer.

“Super 8” is doing steady business at the box office, and the latest instalment of the “Transformers” franchise (which he executive produces) bows today.

But if you check in with him around holiday time, Spielberg might not be feeling so jubilant.

His next major project, “War Horse” (adapted from the book and Broadway sensation) opens Christmas Day.

And while the film will benefit from the stage-related buzz, it has something working against it: Spielberg’s overtly historical dramas are wildly inconsistent when it comes to box office returns.

Witness: “Schindler’s List,” his first history-buff extravaganza, more than tripled its budget with a $96 million box office pull. “Saving Private Ryan” did even better with $216 million.

But “Amistad” only made $44 million, barely breaking even — and “Munich” (with a total of $47 million) failed to do so.

So which category will “War Horse” — which is set during World War I, by the way — fall into?

Your first clue is the early trailer below — and we feel like something’s missing. Thoughts?

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