These 6 Movies Are As Good As Greenlit After Last Night's Tony Awards

daniel radcliffe

It’s hard to get people to watch the Tony Awards, and the reason why is simple.

The buzzy breakout plays and spectacle-filled musicals that light up Broadway only matter to the people who have access to Broadway.

But that doesn’t mean the rest of America will never get to enjoy these stories.

With the success of musical-based movies like “Dreamgirls” — and with blockbuster adaptations of shows like “Rock of Ages” in the works — Hollywood isn’t short on interest in theatre hits.

Here’s your guide to the projects that will likely blossom out of last night’s Tony momentum.

Our last prediction has nothing to do with a play. The ceremony's host, Neil Patrick Harris, helped CBS achieve a greater share of the crucial 18-49 demo last night. With stats like that behind him, Harris is poised for more starring-role offers.

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