Wanted: One Defender Of The Stimulus


Everytime we hear a pro-stimulus politician on TV, they reassert some version of the same lie: Everyone, left, right and centre agrees we need to act now.

This is provably false, simply by identifying one economist who disagrees, and we’ve found plenty. And the more we’ve thought about it, the more we realise that we’ve actually heard very few defenders of this bill. There are a lot of pro-stimulus people out there, but most of the Krugman crowd seems to think that the bill is way too small and includes too many tax breaks (they call ’em giveaways). And there are a lot of critics of the critics. They’re the people who use arguments like: Well if the house is burning, is it time to question the credentials of the fireman?

So if someone could point us to a bonafide defender of the bill, that’d be great. Again, not a defender of stimulus in general, but someone (other than a paid political hack) who thinks this bill is the key to getting the economy growing again. And we don’t think it’s that much to demand specificity with this bill. Politicians have spoken about how they have one chance to get this right, so in theory that means this is best bill they can come up with, or at least the best bill given the time constraints.

Can anyone help?