Wanted: New Nouriel Roubini Photos

roubiniparty tbi

We’ve heard from some of you that pictures of Nouriel Roubini partying with co-eds is a bit tired and “beneath us,” a charge we take seriously.

So we need some new ones. According to a commenter on the StreetEasy message boards, Roubini was spotted this weekend watching polo in the Hamptons. That sounds, at once, tasteful and amusing. So we’d love it if someone could send us some Roubini-watching-polo-in-the-Hamptons pics to use whenever we write about him.

Also: We heard he had a Hamptons July 4th party, the location for which was so exclusive, you needed to text him just prior to the event to get the address. That’s how mobbed Dr. Doom is, and realise that this is months after we (correctly) declared his star had peaked.

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