Want To Work For A Global Technology Brand? Here's Who They Hire In Australia

Australians use Google, Facebook, and their ilk every day, but few really know what it takes to bring the technology to their screens.

While most of the US giants keep their technical brains in incredible Silicon Valley campuses, several also have similar – albeit much smaller – offices down under.

Here’s what it’s like to work for 8 global tech brands in Australia and what it takes to get noticed:


Location: Pyrmont, Sydney
Established: September 2002
Headcount: 47,756 globally, including more than 800 in Australia

Google Australia was launched by former regional head of sales and operations Kate Vale and now occupies two offices in Pyrmont.

Like Google's Mountain View headquarters, the Sydney offices are colourful, casual and dynamic, but Australian staff tend to travel or telework a little more because they collaborate with others in the Asia-Pacific region and around the world.

About half of Google Australia staff are engineers; local engineers have made some big contributions to Google Maps and Drive. Others work in business operations roles, including legal, sales and marketing.


Location: Sydney, Melbourne
Established: Sydney in 2009 and Melbourne in 2010
Headcount: 6,337 globally, including fewer than 100 in Australia

Facebook is headquartered in Menlo Park, California, where a bulk of its engineering work takes place. It moves staff around the world to foster a global Facebook culture and so it has the right skills for the right teams.

In Australia, Facebook staff primarily perform a range of sales, marketing, technical support, policy and data job functions.

The company seeks hard-working, authentic individuals who are aligned with its values: be bold; move fast; build social value; be open; and focus on impact.


Location: Sydney CBD, with some staff in Melbourne and Brisbane
Established: 2003
Headcount: 14,000 globally, including 93 in Australia

Washington-based Expedia was founded in 1996 as a division of Microsoft and has operated as a separate group of travel businesses since 2005, after a number of ownership changes.

Globally, the organisation employs a mix of engineers, web specialists, sales, marketing and business development staff.

Expedia Australia - like the global organisation - is staffed by people interested in travel and technology, but is far smaller with what it describes as the 'energy of a start-up'.

Australian staff focus predominantly on marketing and supplier relationships, including sourcing local products, developing local brand marketing campaigns and tweaking the website to cater to a local audience.


Location: Sydney
Established: September 2013
Headcount: 2700 globally, including about 10 in Australia

Twitter is headquartered in San Francisco, where it has about 1,500 staff. It also operates from offices in Singapore, Japan, India, South Korea, Brazil, Europe and North America.

Twitter opened its Sydney office in September but made its first Australian hire months earlier: AFL social media strategist Jonno Simpson in March 2013.

The local team comprises sales and partnership staff who work with various local and international brands on their social media strategies.

Image: Twitter Australia MD Karen Stocks, via LinkedIn


Location: North Ryde, Sydney
Established: 1983 with 20 people
Headcount: 100,932 globally, including about 800 in Australia

Microsoft is headquartered in Redmond, Washington. Of its global workforce, about 43 per cent are engineers and almost half are in sales and marketing roles.

Australian roles are predominantly in sales, marketing and services.

Image: Microsoft's North Ryde office empty for National Teleworking Week.


Location: North Sydney
Established: 2009
Headcount: 5,000 globally, including about 200 in Australia

LinkedIn is headquartered in Mountain View, California, and has about 259 million users, of whom about 6 million are Australians.

The Sydney office is laid out similar to the Mountain View headquarters, with a common area for all-in meetings and themed meeting rooms.

Local staff tend to specialise in partnerships, sales, communications and recruitment.


Location: Sydney CBD
Established: 2004
Headcount: About 13,000 globally, including about 100 in Australia

PayPal is headquartered in San Francisco with major operations in the US, India, Ireland, Germany and Israel. Parent company eBay employs a total of 33,500 staff globally, of whom about a third are located outside of the US.

PayPal's Australian office was established in 2004; local staff share a York St, Sydney office with parent company eBay that supplies free lunch once a week, coffee, soft drinks, fruit and snacks.

Local staff typically have sales, marketing, or business development roles although there are also a few legal and data analysis specialists.

Image: PayPal's York Street, Sydney office on FourSquare.


Location: Sydney CBD
Established: 1982
Headcount: 80,000 globally, including 2,771 in Australia

Sorry, Australians - Apple's cool research and development jobs are typically in its Cupertino, California campus.

Apple Australia employed a total of 2,771 staff as of last September; most of those were retail staff in its Apple Stores across the country. Local staff were paid a total of $135 million last year.

Apple's corporate office is located in the Capital Centre, by the Hilton Hotel on Sydney's Pitt Street, where a majority of roles are in sales, marketing and customer service functions.

There are far more job openings for educators, sales staff, technical support staff, and managers across the country in Apple Australia's retail arm.

Image: The Hilton Hotel and Capital Centre by developer Leighton Contractors.

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