Will Nick Denton Buy TechCrunch? Mashable?

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In an internal memo announcing the acquisition of Cityfile yesterday, Gawker Media owner Nick Denton also told staffers he wasn’t done buying.

“If online media is consolidating, we’d rather be a consolidator than consolidatee. And revenue growth of 22% in 2009 provides the resources,” Nick wrote.

He said, “To achieve critical mass in entertainment and tech, we have indeed looked at a few opportunities in the last few months.”

We asked Nick at which properties he looking. He answered, “Well, there’s this little thing called TBI or something like that.”

We think he was joking.

We pressed on, suggesting that Pete Cashmore’s very popular tech blog Mashable and Gawker Media’s Lifehacker have very similar audiences. We said that while TechCrunch would certainly add scale, we can’t see the fit because there’s no way founder Michael Arrington would stay on at Gawker. Without him, the site isn’t quite the same.

One possibility is that Gawker could buy one of those Apple fanboy sites like the Cult of the Mac or 9to5Mac. They’re big and could compliment Gawker gadget blog Gizmodo. Besides Gizmodo rival Engadget, one of AOL’s most successful independent properties is The Unofficial Apple Weblog.

But Nick said our speculation is off: “I think you’re looking too close in. You’re just looking at blogs. The field is a lot wider than that.”

Got an idea? Nick solicited them in his memo, writing, “(Deal ideas? Contact Gaby Darbyshire.)”

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