Want to Sell Your Company? Call Microsoft


After 12 years of Internet embarrassment and futility, Microsoft is finally bringing its gigantic balance sheet into play, scarfing up one ‘Net company after another.  This is the last, best hope for the software giant, which is otherwise on a collision course with disruption.  We are still sceptical that Microsoft will be able to pull it off: we can’t imagine that a single company will be able to compete effectively with IBM on one end and Sony, Apple, and Google on the other.  But by the time that thesis is proven right or wrong, you’ll be five years into your next start-up, so book those tickets to Redmond!   

Eric Savitz of Barrons has more on what Microsoft wants
and will do now that it has everything to lose.  (Explanatory note for non-financial types: When CFO Chris Liddell says “If we have to, we’ll use our balance sheet,” what he means is this: “We have billions and billions of dollars and we’re sick of spending it on these boring shareholder dividends.”)  Paidcontent also has a good round-up of Microsoft’s latest press day.

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