Want To Raise Money For Charity? Just Hire The Jonas Brothers

Worried that the recession will hurt the ability of your favourite charity to raise money? Just advise them to partner with the Jonas Brothers. If the in demand trio isn’t available, Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen will also work.

AP: The sibling sensations top Charity Folks’ list of the 10 hottest celebrity draws on the online charity-auction Web site.

The brothers Kevin, Joe and Nick raised $450,000 in an online charity auction by charityfolks.com, which arranged VIP tickets and meet-and-greets in exchange for donations to the band’s Change for the Children Foundation.

Billy Joel is second on the Charity Folks list with $400,000 earned from a private New York concert. Bruce Springsteen came in third with $300,000, followed by Morgan Freeman, Howard Stern sidekick Robin Quivers and the cast of “The Sopranos.”

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