Have What it Takes to Make $100 Million? Take This Quiz

The NYT continues its chronicles of “junior moguls”–20-somethings who cash out of start-ups for tens of millions of dollars and now need to figure out what to do with the rest of their lives.  The answer for most?  Another start-up.  Why?  Because they find beaches, travel, yoga, sex, philanthropy, estate planning, reading, and all that other crap you’re supposed to do when you’re dynastically wealthy boooooorrrrring.  One junior mogul was so depressed by the purposelessness of post-flip life, in fact, that he almost committed suicide.

So what can you aspiring junior moguls learn from this?  That there’s some cause and effect here.  Do you have what it takes to make $100 million before you’re 30?  Take this short quiz:

SAI’s “Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Junior Mogul?” Quiz

1.    Which would you rather have dinner with:
        A) Your girlfriend/boyfriend/college buddies
        B) Your Blackberry

2.    Which would you rather do? 
        A) Travel, read, watch TV, eat, sleep, golf.
        B) Boot up your laptop.

3.    How much vacation do you want to take each year?

        A) Four weeks
        B) Four days

4.    You view your Blackberry as:
        A) A Satanic device that never allows you to “get away from it all.”
        B) A marvellous invention that makes sure you’re NEVER out of the game!

5.    You view your significant other’s annoyance at your Blackberry addiction as:
A) A welcome reminder that there are more important things in life.
         B) A nagging reminder that your s.o. is, well, a nag.

6.    How much money do you want to make?
         A) $100 million
         B) It doesn’t matter as long as you show up those overrated YouTube guys.

7.    You’re an undergrad at Harvard and get a great start-up idea.  You:
        A) Tell yourself that Mark Zuckerberg was just lucky and start your history homework.
        B) Drop out.

8.    When 25 VCs ding your business plan, you:
        A) Get depressed, apply to law school.
        B) Get mad, re-tool the plan, pitch another 75 VCs

9.    To you, “success” is:
        A) Where you went to college, your job title, how much money you make
        B) The lie you tell yourself you’ll achieve when you reach your goals

10.   When you sell your company for $100 million, you can’t wait to:
         A) Buy an awesome house, take awesome vacations, buy awesome toys.
         B) Start another company.

Did you pick a lot of “A”s?  Then there’s a chair at Morgan Stanley or Davis Polk with your name on it.  And don’t sniff at this! You’ll make a great living and have enough time left over for “life.”

Answer mostly “B”s?  Then you might have what it takes to be a junior mogul.  (If only that guaranteed success.)

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