Want To Be An Internet Celebrity Like Julia Allison? Pay $75 (Or Read This Article)

We’ll save you some time and money: If you want to achieve fame on the Internet — like dating columnist/girl about town Julia Allison, happy wine guy Gary Vaynerchuk, or shirtless puppeteer Loren Feldman — don’t bother attending Mediabistro’s $75 “Personal Branding Redefined” seminar, where the three will be presenting.

Just direct your favourite browser to the (free) how-to feature stories the topic’s been getting lately, such as:

  • Wired’s bestselling cover story, “Internet Famous: Julia Allison and the Secrets of Self-Promotion”
  • New York Magazine’s “The Microfame Game” by Rex Sorgatz
  • The wealth of recent press about Vaynerchuk, like this Q&A with Podcasting News
  • Or read their blogs, where they spill all on a daily basis, anyway: Julia, Gary, and Loren

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