Want To Be A VC? Round Out Your Resume

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Continuing my thread on getting the VC job.When preparing to get a venture job, it’s important to understand which role you’re likely to fill and what experience you need to do so.

You need to make an honest assessment of the various types of experience that you do an do not have that are attractive to VCs, filling gaps where you can to fit into one of the 4 VC molds. If you have some investing experience, for example, you may want to check the operating experience box by working at a startup, taking a role at a large corporation or starting a company. If you’re obtaining a graduate level degree, you can partially check this box by interning or advising startups in your spare time.

Alternatively, if you have operating experience and you want to get more investing experience, investment banking or primary investing (at a fund or in a corporate development group) can help to check this box. Similarly, internships at either of these types of groups or at a venture fund can help to fill in experience gaps. Make sure that every bit of experience you get is in the domain in which you want to invest. If you want to be a CleanTech VC, make sure you’re getting investing & operating experience in that sector.

There are a lot of reasons why you might not get any given venture job: fit, geography, relationships and experience. While you can’t control all of these variables, take as much friction as you can out of variables that you can control (such as experience). By rounding out your resume ahead of time, you can make it easier for VCs to believe that you are qualified – taking one of the reasons why you might not get the job out of the equation.

This article originally appeared at Get Venture and is republished here with permission.

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