Want News On The China Earthquake? Forget CNN and Try YouTube.

Want to know what that giant earthquake in China’s remote Sichuan looked like? Better yet, want to know what it’s like to experience a 7.8 magnitude quake? Someone claiming to be a Sichuan University student posted the following video to Tudou (SAI 25 #22), where it’s No. 2 on the homepage, and it was reposted on YouTube.

The video (58,713 YouTube views so far) shows interminable shaking, creaking and groaning of what appears to be a college dorm. After the tremors end, the cameraman runs to the window and shows students milling about in the courtyard. (For an interesting take on how to advertise on user-generated video, play the Tudou version.)

Also embedded below: a CCTV news report (in Chinese) and a report from a student in Shanghai, where the quake was strong enough to prompt evacuations.

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