Desperate Americans Sneak Across Mexican Border In Search of Cheap Gas

How far are Americans willing to go for (relatively) cheap gasoline? Far. To Mexico, in fact, despite the risk of getting shot by marauding drug gangs. Will the Mexican government propose building a border fence? (NYT):

When George Terrazas was mugged at gunpoint in this Mexican border city several months ago, he vowed never to return.

That, however, was before gasoline hit $4 a gallon in his hometown, El Paso, just across the border.

On Saturday, Mr. Terrazas was back in Ciudad Juárez, wooed by its irresistibly low-priced gasoline — around $2.66 a gallon — even if not quite unfazed by the indiscriminate gunfire from dueling drug cartels that has contributed to a 2008 average of three killings a day in the city.

Mexican service stations near the border with El Paso, TX…[have had] a 50 per cent surge in gasoline sales over the last several months.

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