Want Some Obama Face Time?

We’d think a lot of you would want to get some face time with the president-elect, but it looks like we’d be wrong. That’s the only thing that could explain why there are still rooms available at The Hay-Adams hotel where the Obamas are staying until the 15th, when they move into  Blair House.

Or….maybe it’s the price. If you stay tomorrow night the minimum cost is $565.

But, surely, if you pony up you could have a chance of running into him at the hotel bar, interestingly named “Off The Record.” And, it actually seems like a decent spot.

According to their Web site: Selected by Forbes.com as one of the “World’s Best Hotel Bars,” Off the Record is well known as Washington’s best place to be seen and not heard. Your host, John Boswell, 4-time winner of the Washingtonian’s “Best Bartender Award,” takes pleasure in mixing his classic specialties for your enjoyment. favoured by locals for its relaxing environment, creative menu and exceptional wine selection, Off the Record is a popular choice for dining and entertainment.

You know this guy John Boswell could arrange something.

Hat Tip: Brilliant Anonymous Tipster

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