Want Free Music? Spam Your Twitter Followers First


Bands and musicians have been using Twitter to promote themselves for a while now just like everyone else, but the latest marketing effort by the band “The Used” has a clever viral element to it, meant to spread word of the band’s latest album release outside of its core group of fans. 

Mashable reports:

“go to twitter.theused.net and click on the pre-populated Twitter message. This will take you to an OAuth screen that will add @wearetheused to your Twitter account and send out a tweet with a link to the listening party.  That tweet will let you listen to the entire album “Artwork,” including two B-side tracks. The listening party will be taking place for 24-hours.”

The interesting part of this promotion is that it requires the message to be tweeted before access to the preview of the album is granted — versus the band simply sending an announcement out to their own Twitter followers.  This is similar to “refer a friend” features from traditional and online media, except with a decidely Twitter-like twist.

Will Twitter drive more album sales?  We highly doubt it, given a whole of other challenges faced by record labels. But it’s uses like this that may solidify Twitter as a “must-have” for businesses looking to increase exposure and connect directly with consumers — assuming tricks like this don’t piss too many people off.

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