‘WandaVision’ references a heartbreaking ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ moment and fans are overwhelmed

Wanda is seeing things on episode four of ‘WandaVision’… or is she just seeing things clearly? Marvel Studios
  • Warning: There are spoilers ahead for “WandaVision.”
  • In a quick moment on episode four, Wanda sees a flash of Vision dead, catching fans off guard.
  • A nod to “Avengers: Infinity War,” “WandaVision” has hinted that moment is haunting Wanda.
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Friday’s “WandaVision” contains a heart-wrenching throwback to “Avengers: Infinity War” we weren’t hoping to see again anytime soon.

Near the episode’s end, after an upset Wanda kicks Monica Rambeau out of her fantasy alternate reality (more on that here), Vision re-enters their home.

When Wanda looks at him though, something isn’t right.

He appears as we last saw him in 2018’s “Infinity War,” dead, with the colour drained out of him and the yellow Infinity stone, which gave him life, viciously torn from his scalp by Thanos.

Wandavision 104 vision
This moment feels straight out of a horror movie. Marvel Studios

In response, Wanda immediately averts her eyes and gasps, refusing to meet his gaze.

Wandavision 104 gasp
Wanda can’t even look at dead Vision. Marvel Studios

We don’t blame her. The eyeless Vision is a bit jarring to look at.

It’s a moment fans weren’t expecting to see, either.


When Vision inquires if anything’s wrong, Wanda steadies herself. The next time she looks up at Vision, he’s perfectly fine again.

Why this is important: Is Vision dead? Most likely.

One of the main questions of the series is whether or not Vision is alive, something both Jimmy and Darcy question on Friday’s episode.

Is vision alive wandavision 104
Jimmy Woo has the same questions as us. Marvel Studios

For the record, we most certainly believe Vision’s dead — or as dead as a piece of artificial intelligence can be. There’s always the chance some version of him could be brought back in 2022’s “Black Panther” sequel.

If you recall, Shuri was trying her best to save Vision before Thanos came along and ripped the mind stone out of his head in “Infinity War.”

Why it’s more important: Wanda has likely been tortured by reliving this moment over and over again in her head

Wandavision 104 vision wanda
Wanda is just trying to keep it together. Marvel Studios

Though this is the first time we see Wanda envision Vision dead on the series, there’s evidence that Wanda is suffering from some sort of PTSD after his death.

She may be experiencing or playing Vision’s death over and over again in her mind.

This is heavily hinted at on the “WandaVision” series premiere.

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Revisit the uncomfortable dinner conversation with the Harts. When Mr. Hart starts choking, pay special attention to Wanda and the sounds in the background.

Then pause the show and fast-forward two hours and nine minutes into “Avengers: Endgame.”

The choking scenes between Mr. Hart and Thanos choking Vision appear to directly parallel one another.

Mr hart vision choking wandavision avengers infinity war
Do you see a similarity? Marvel Studios, composite by Kirsten Acuna/Insider

As Thanos rips the golden gemstone from Vision’s head, you can hear a distinct shattering noise. Thanos then tosses Vision’s lifeless corpse to the ground with a thud.

Similarly, the longer Mr. Hart chokes, the intense dinner moment crescendos to the sound of, what appears to be, a shattering bulb. Hart drops to the floor the moment it occurs.

In both scenarios, Wanda is unable to help the person suffering.

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Though Wanda was incapacitated in “Infinity War” at the time of Vision’s death, it appears as if she is playing out Vision’s final moments in her head and her inability to do anything to change his fate.

It may be reason she created an alternate reality so she doesn’t need to accept, process, and grieve his death. We’ll have to wait for more of “WandaVision” to know for sure.

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