Walter Noel Son-In-Law’s Christmas Plea: Stop Attacking Us


Colombian Andres Piedrahita, husband of Noel daughter Corina, and partner in Fairfield Greenwich Group, in charge of Spain and Latin America, gave an interview to Spain’s El Mundo, in which he said he’s an innocent victim, just like “Emilio Botin, Banco de Santander.”

Thanks to Google’s translation tool (not 100% smooth, however) we have it for you. (Here is the link to the original El Mundo article that ran on Sunday and here is the full Google translation.)

  • Asked .- First, how are you? I suppose that all this has been a blow …  Answer .- This is a sadly familiar, is affecting us a lot to all of us in Fairfield.
  • Q. – When he learned that funds were Madoff fraudulent? How do you react? R. – Forgive me for not being able to dwell on details. Understand that there is an ongoing investigation and my New York lawyers have advised us not to speak …  But I have many sleepless nights in Fairfield that we are suffering with this.
  • Q. – So, you can assure you categorically that I did not know anything until now, everything has suddenly caught?  R. – But of course!  I assure you. We are equally victims Emilio Botin, the Banco de Santander. What we do not understand is why some media are pounding us, I do not know why we are attacked in this way, because here, as I say, we are about more victims.
  • Q. I understand that was their personal assets invested in funds contaminated …. A. – That shows that we are victims. We have lost many, many, many millions of dollars on this.
  •  Q. – Can you specify to what amounts to personal capital that has evaporated from the alleged scam Madoff? R. – Sorry you do not answer that, but is part of what I should not disclose, according to my lawyers. When the investigation will be happy to tell them.
  •   Q. – Is suing Madoff be misled by its manager and, by extension, to all its customers? A. – This is also confidential, but I can assure you that, as I said before, we are most concerned about and we were not the only ones who distribute the funds in Spain. I ask you only to stop attacking us.

The Spanish elite thought something was fishy, by the way, (But, apparently, that didn’t stop them.)

At first, the Spanish financial aristocracy was surprised by the rain of money that came into the offices of the Colombian-born Piedrahita-installed on the street Serrano, one of the most luxurious of Madrid. Many investors called for the Colombian Embassy to ask if he had any connection with drug trafficking, diplomatic sources say. But they said it came from a family of money and life that it was legit.

Image via El Mundo.

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