Steve Jobs' Biographer Walter Isaacson: 'The Greatest Innovation In The World Today Is Coming From Google'

Steve Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson was on CNBC this morning, and he wasn’t exactly ebullient about Apple.

In a clip posted by CNBC, via 9 to 5 Mac, Isaacson says, “The greatest innovation in the world today right now is coming from Google.”

He called Google buying Nest a bigger deal than Apple selling the iPhone on China Mobile. He says Google is making a complete Internet-connected, integrated life a reality.

Isaacson says he’s waiting for Apple to disrupt a new industry.

With all due respect to Isaacson, one thing to note about Google’s innovation: It’s mostly marketing right now. Self-driving cars aren’t a reality. Google Glass looks like a dud. Robots are still in development. And Nest is an acquisition, not an internal project.

Google certainly seems positioned for success, but we wouldn’t go crowing the company just yet.

As for Apple, it doesn’t publicly announce its R&D projects like Google. It could be working on similar projects, just secretly. When Apple announces a new product, it starts selling it to consumers.

The iPhone and iPad are probably the most transformative innovations in consumer technology in history. While Google talks a big game, it has yet to release anything since the iPad that really changes the lives of mainstream consumers like the iPad did.

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